sharing is caring #24


Although it was a busy week, I felt lonely without my husband by my side. I got so used doing everything together, that without him I don’t want to do anything other than watch trashy TV to distract myself.

That’s the only thing I end up doing when my husband is away — catching up on classic trashy TV, like Scandal and Gossip Girl, to be part of the mainstream, like five years later.  With that said, below are interesting reads of the week.

1. Are we all becoming hoarders that need bigger houses because of on-line shopping?

2. Been enjoying Ann Patchett’s book and happy to discover her op-ed piece about shopping, or not shopping.

3. H-mart holds meaning and memory for some people.

4. When did Instagram Influencer become a summer job for teenagers?

5. Relational database is the secret behind creepy stalking ads.

6. Finally, more evidence for the night owls!

When night owls are forced to rise early, their prefrontal cortex, which controls sophisticated thought processes and logical reasoning, “remains in a disabled, or ‘offline,’ state,” Dr. Walker writes. “Like a cold engine in an early-morning start, it takes a long time before it warms up to operating temperature.”

7. An oldie but still relevant podcast recommendations by folks at Cup of Jo.

Photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash


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