2018: mid-year new years resolution progress update


[1]  Write at least three posts a week
I’d be lucky if I manage to write a couple of times a month; but I should try to change this.

[2]  Take a non-fiction writing course
This has been on my to-do list for years and is it sad that I haven’t progressed at all. Adjusting to new work, trying to ramp up a team and managing my promotion robbed me of the mental space and time to take classes. However, I feel like I’m becoming a more attuned reader these days, which is a plus.

Events and Happenings
[3]  Attend at least one late-night show tapings
Ideas: Last Week Tonight, Daily Show, or Late Night with Seth Meyers
I was actually thinking about this the other day and I’m realizing that unless I’m staycationing in NYC, it’s really hard for me to get tickets and attend these shows live taping. I’m at work at least until seven or eight daily and it’s really hard for me to step out of that pattern.

[4]  Go to the park more often, more specifically have a picnic at either Central Park or Battery Park and maybe visit Botanical Gardens
Totally acing on this goal! I made really good use of my picnic mat and starting to see that the best thing about picnics is the company, not the park itself. But I do have to say that Central Park and Governor’s Island are great for picnics.

[5]  Host dinners with friends at least once per quarter
Ideas: Lunar New Years, Summer BBQ, Thanksgiving & Christmas
I think we are pretty good with this, although it’s mostly ebbs and flows, but for the most part, we’ve been enjoying playing host.

I Am Just an Old Garbage Bag Full of Blood
[6]  Workout 3-4 times a week
Absolutely failed it with flying colors.

[7]  Drink more water and less coffee
I’ve been trying to keep it at 3 espressos (1 at home and 2 in my tumbler), however, about two out of five days, I end up getting an additional cup of coffee either at Starbucks or any other coffee joint around work. I should learn to space out my morning coffee consumption to keep this goal.
One “pocket of success” is that I drink a lot more water these days, the downside is that I’m literally running to the bathroom in between meetings and end up doing that dance in the stalls because I’m about to pee in my pants.

Cultural Kinds of Things
[8]  Get tickets for Shakespeare in the Park or at least attend of the the summer theater events in NYC
It’s June and absolutely did not think about this – so looks like a no for the rest of the year.

[9]  Visit the art museum at least once per quarter
Ideas: MET, MOMA & Whitney
It’s June and I didn’t step foot into the museums listed above. I did go to Frick Collection when I had a fight with my husband and wanted to get out of the house. That counts right?

[10] Start a book or an article club with likeminded people
I’m going to give up on this goal and just focus on documenting, internalizing and applying what I read. Logistics isn’t my forte and it’s too much work for what it is. Was a great idea but I’m too lazy to do anything about it.

[11] Subscribe to the New Yorker and read weekly
Again, great new years resolution. I started to subscribe and realized that I barely have time to read my books. I most read during my commute, and although I complain about long commutes, it helped me to read a lot of books. Now that my subway ride is about 10 minutes, I’m having a hard time getting through one book over the last month and half. So, adding another weekly to my already limited reading time isn’t advised.

[12] See more movies in the theater
I did see a lot more movies this year, however, I’m not sure that they were consumed in the theaters. I always plan to, and then the weekend comes and either I’m busy going to my brunches, to Philadelphia or just lounging at home.

[13] Wear sunscreen every day
I wish! I started noticing freckles on my face, which should’ve been a huge motivator for me to apply it everyday. But I’m still lazy and I rely on my air cushion that has a hint of sunscreen to protect me from strong rays.
One tiny update is that ever since my La Mer purchase, I’ve been better about applying sun-screen. I spent a lot of money on it, so feel like I should really use it.

[14] Sheet-mask at least once a week
Yeah right! This surprisingly is relatively annoying to do. I can’t make it a habit and I’ve seriously tried. I used to store them in the bathroom and even moved them to my night stand to try to apply it. However, the fact that I need to get back up to apply moisturizer after masking seems like a lot of work late at night, so I really don’t sheet-mask. But a good reminder that I should do it every week!

[15] Get eyebrows done every three weeks
Hahaha! I had a good laugh about this one. I have the bushiest eyebrows and I stopped caring months ago.

[16] Get haircuts every three months
This, I’ve been better about! I do notice that as I get closer to the three month mark, my hair looks dead. The split ends and uneven lengths make me look messier than I am. So, I’ve been better at this.

[17] Simplify my closet and buy quality pieces
I’m slowly getting better – I donated a gigantic bag of clothes and I’ve been trying to either donate or sell clothes that I haven’t worn in a couple of seasons.
As for buying quality pieces, it’s less of that and more of just buying classic pieces that lasts longer.

Possibly Going Outside
[18] Plan weekend trips with hubby for at least twice a year and plan a big trip at least once a year.
I’ve been going to Philadelphia a lot for weekend trips, did a day trip to Storm King, flew to Toronto for three day weekend and even took the ferry to Ikea! I’m also out picnicking frequently over the summer, so definitely a good job here!

Emotional Well-Being
[19] Write more cards to friends and family on birthdays and holidays
I do enjoy card shopping, but I think cards are way over-priced and I feel like wasting money when I go to Papyrus to get cards, unless it’s for someone that I really love and like. But outside of my being cheap, I’m pretty forget about birthdays, which explains why I’m failing at this goal.

[20] Buy gifts in advance for husband, family and extended family
Does taking out cash for my husband the day before his birthday count?

Responsible Adult Activities
[21] Save at least 15% of my income
I set my 401K to 15%, so finally, one resolution that I did keep! One thing that I should do is transfer money from various other 401K accounts that I have to manage it all in one place.

[22] Sort out my 401K and actively invest in funds (Vanguard)
Yes – doing well on this!

[23] Try out more recipes and cook more often at home
Starting around June, I’ve been packing salad to the office. It took me quite some time to get the hang of buying the right vegetables, meat, and cheese, but I’m getting better and quite proud of myself for packing lunch almost every day.

General Life Horseshit
[24] Go to bed early and get up early, on weekdays and on weekends
I’ve been getting up around 8 for the past month and it’s actually pretty nice not to be stressed and taking my time in the morning. I get a chance to use the bathroom without feeling rushed, enjoy my cup of coffee and try to wake up, which has been super helpful.

[25] Make, and stick to, a budget
I try to spend less, but I can’t help but to get surprised at my credit card bill every month. It’s pretty much the same amount, but I feel like I use it differently. It’s been the same amount since a couple of years ago, so I guess not the worst given that there’s two of us, however, I’m trying to be more conscious about my money and start saving.

[26] Figure out my email situation
This is another one that I’m  proud about. I now only have 600 or so unread emails in my inbox, compared to about 20,000+ before my email purge. I’ve also started to unsubscribe to all the nonsense that I’ve signed up for in the past — I’ve drastically cut down e-commerce subscriptions, news newsletters and event oriented newsletters.

And with the GDPR changes, I’ve started receiving newsletters and companies that I’ve literally forgot about, making me realize how promiscuous I was with my email. And no wonder my inbox was out of hand! Trying to slowly change it.

Also, one good thing at work is that I’ve started to label and archive emails that are no longer relevant. I used to be an email and data hoarder in the past, however, I’m slowly realizing that some emails are only relevant

Bettering Myself
[27] Brush upon R
I started reading the book over fourth of July weekend, but without real analysis for me to go through, I haven’t made progress on this front.

[28] Build my vocabulary
I was good about going through the vocabulary builder book, but I’ve stopped it a while ago. Should go back to it.

[29] Learn Python
My manager and I talked about signing up for a class, but given my long workdays, I’ve been trying to just make it. Looking to sign up for the next class in August.

[30] Listen to more podcasts
I was good about this and somehow, feel out of love of podcasts. They are informative, but during my walk or commutes, I prefer music to give my mind space to process everything else that’s been happening.

Leaving my Comfort Zone
[31] Attend more networking events (both professional and personal)
This did not happen for sure. I attended women’s panel at work and ended up just talking to my coworkers. This isn’t something that I’m good at or crazy about. And don’t think that I’ll ever really enjoy networking.

Photo by Deanna Ritchie on Unsplash

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