sharing is caring #17


This week was all about picnics, hence the image above. Picnicking and reading in the park are two activities that I constantly fantasize about, without putting them into action.

I’m happy to report that I picnicked a lot this week and even checked out Governor’s Island, for the first time! I’m starting to appreciate ferries as a mode of transportation, only when its nice out of course.

With that said, below are some interesting reads of the week.

1. Note to self: create an itinerary with Google Maps when planning for trips per this article. And it’s so true that I end up spending more time researching the day of, instead of having stress-free stay during my vacation.

2. Speaking of travel, what a lovely way to explore a new town! And adding literary pilgrimage to the list of things to my bucket list. 

3. Did you know that V-selfie is a word? Neither did I and I’m still mulling over this new trend.

4. Insightful article about shifts in Japanese culture towards fatherhood and masculinity. Also, why is the article is titled “Japan’s Vegetable-Eating Men.”

5. Sadly, creating fake celebrity social media accounts is an “arms race.

6. Dating apps are embracing new generation of couples that met through the app in various ways, such as sending wedding gifts and baby shower gifts.

7. Although I’m married and comfortable in my thirties, I can’t help but to relate to stories about successful single females. I feel like the emotional abuse I experienced during my early thirties is like a scar that can’t be erased.

Photo by Xenia Bogarova on Unsplash

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