sharing is caring #16


What a hot weekend! I can’t remember how I felt about summers, but spending hot summer days in the concrete jungle isn’t that fun. Dreaming of being on the beach, while I gather my interesting reads of the week.

1. Subway ads are a right of passage for start-ups in NYC and I completely agree!

2. A note to self: when naming a new brand name for a start-up, consider using first names.

3. A fresh yet pragmatic perspective on travel — I particularly like the tip about buying things I need as souvenirs, hitting up a grocery store and building an itinerary around something that my hubby and I may enjoy, such as coffee.

4. Shocked at the grandness of Genghis Khan’s statue while reading about modern women in Mongolia.

5. Fascinated by the Mormon mommy blogging trend, and a bit disappointed with this article.

6. Had no idea that private equity buy-out meant that the acquired assumes debt for the purchase and maybe that’s why Toys R Us is no longer with us.

A private-equity takeover is akin to a family’s buying a house: A firm contributes what is essentially a down payment using its own funds and then finances the rest with debt. But in the case of a buyout, the firm doesn’t have to pay back the mortgage; instead, the company it bought assumes the debt.

7. Atlantic’s Gig Economy series is enlightening, depressing and fearful at the same time. Is this what’s going to happen to rest of us as technology firms take over the world, maximizing profits and minimizing human decency?

Part 1, 2, & 3

Photo by Michal Sevcik on Unsplash

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