sharing is caring #20


This week flew by and I’m not quite sure which thoughts occupied my mind the most — I need to have a better process for collecting and compiling my fleeting thoughts throughout the week. Only if we are able to highlight or bookmark our own minds!

Below are interesting reads of the week.

1. Super excited about Shona Rhimes new Netflix show based off of this story, which I couldn’t finish —¬† I need an abbreviated version or a show!

2. Glad to read that there is new research that proves that kids of working moms are happier. Hopefully this will reduce guilt for many mothers.Read More »

sharing is caring #19


It’s been a while since I visited SF and I was blown away by the insane traffic and homelessness. The SF I remembered was friendly and chill, and perhaps my impression was intensified by the fact that I was there for work, but SF wasn’t for me.

The fog, the weather, the traffic, and the homelessness are not my cup of tea. The only good thing was fresh and inexpensive food. California as a whole has a leg up on New York when it comes to food, but that’s not enough to make me love SF.

Enough about SF. Below are interesting reads from last week.

1. Replication is important, however, does it mean that we should disregard previous studies because we can’t replicate it? I’m torn.

2. I should really write more Thank You cards.

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sharing is caring #18


What a tiring weekend! We went upstate with a couple of friends and didn’t realize how hard motherhood is. Being around two little babies made me grateful of the freedom that my husband and I have now.

It was a good weekend to make me realize how nice it is to be sleep in late, eat out at restaurants without having to deal with kids. Although I wasn’t able to catch up on a lot of my weekend reads, below are some that I found interesting throughout the week.

1. I welcome JOMO with open arms and the article helped me to realize that I don’t need to respond to every email and request in a timely manner and need to be selfish about my time.

2. Another article that reminds me the importance of having friends that uplift me in my lift.Read More »