sharing is caring #15


I really can’t believe that we are already through half of 2018. Sometimes, days seem to crawl, yet when I take a moment to realize how old I am or what I’ve done during the past half-year, I realize how quickly time flies.

As for my sharing is caring series, I of course wish that I wrote every week, however, sometimes, it’s just not feasible with everything that I’m trying to balance right now.

1. Influencers are everywhere and they are impacting various industries and professionals in various ways. This article looks at how they impact the hospitality industry.

2. Reading this op-ed felt like reading my own mind, wondering what type of parent I would be. My parents weren’t tiger parents per se, however, I still struggle with their ideal of success, which means being rich and enjoying finer things in life, over being happy. 

Whereas, my husband and I find that joy in life can come from smaller things as long as we are happy.

If the children of immigrants are often preternaturally driven, a phenomenon known as “second-generation advantage,” the grandchildren of immigrants usually experience “third-generation decline.”…As Mr. Amar explained, our American story was made possible by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, a groundbreaking statute that washed away a century of laws, like the frankly named Chinese Exclusion Act, aimed at making sure people like us never became Americans.

3. Can eBay really explain the current state of the internet? I’m not so sure, but it’s an interesting perspective.

If eBay is a machine for finding the right price for a pair of shoes, Facebook — behind the veneer of enabling human connection — is a machine for discovering the right price for a pair of eyeballs. Your eyeballs.

4. Is there any of us who is not suffering from “continuous partial attention”? A constant thought in my mind as I was reading this interesting article about distracted parents.

A tuned-out parent may be quicker to anger than an engaged one, assuming that a child is trying to be manipulative when, in reality, she just wants attention…

Parents should give themselves permission to back off from the suffocating pressure to be all things to all people. Put your kid in a playpen, already! Ditch that soccer-game appearance if you feel like it. Your kid will be fine. But when you are with your child, put down your damned phone.

5. A scary list of Facebook patents that may become our reality. Is this a glimpse of our future?

6. Good reminder that “life is short” and that “all good things come with time” from one of my favorite author, Eric Barker.

7. I can’t believe that some Swedes opted to have micro-chips implanted in their hands. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but these technological advances seem a bit too Brave New World to me.

Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

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