sharing is caring #14


Global warming is real. It’s mid-June and yet, I feel like I’m still waiting for summer to arrive. If I had to spin this, it makes me appreciate summer a bit more.

1. Love this perspective from Scott Galloway.

2. What an interesting concept – laddering up! And interesting how Apple is taking the lead.

3. I went down a Youtube rabbit hole last night and saw a documentary about Wolfpack brothers. Can’t believe that something like this happened right in front of our eyes in NYC!

4. What a crazy statistics about thought!

We have 40 to 60 thousand thoughts a day; 98 percent of them are the same as yesterday, and about 80 percent of them are negative, Ms. Jamie, 27, said she had learned. We have to change our behaviors to create a mind-set shift. But we’re never told that. We’re never taught how to process a breakup, or a death.

5. Inspired by grandma influencers and totally agree with the statement below.

Age no longer dictates the way we live. Physical capacity, financial circumstances and mind-set arguably have far greater influence.

6. Is this really true? Still pondering the benefit of “less is more” mindset.

As I looked around, I noticed that the most successful people I know have one thing in common: they are masters at eliminating the unnecessary from their lives…Incredibly successful people focus their time on just a few priorities and obsess over doing things right. This is simple but not easy.

7. Is work-life balance attainable? I love how Austin Kleon summed it up: Work, family, or friends: pick two.

Photo by Daan Huttinga on Unsplash

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