sharing is caring #15


I really can’t believe that we are already through half of 2018. Sometimes, days seem to crawl, yet when I take a moment to realize how old I am or what I’ve done during the past half-year, I realize how quickly time flies.

As for my sharing is caring series, I of course wish that I wrote every week, however, sometimes, it’s just not feasible with everything that I’m trying to balance right now.

1. Influencers are everywhere and they are impacting various industries and professionals in various ways. This article looks at how they impact the hospitality industry.

2. Reading this op-ed felt like reading my own mind, wondering what type of parent I would be. My parents weren’t tiger parents per se, however, I still struggle with their ideal of success, which means being rich and enjoying finer things in life, over being happy.¬†Read More »