sharing is caring #12


Where is spring? With global warming, spring just seems like something of a distance past. Allergies are rampant here in NYC and I would not have noticed if it weren’t for my husband being sick half the week.

Without a further ado, here are some interesting reads that caught my attention today.

1. Is this for real? Virtual influencers? What’s happening to us?

2. Economists who read literature may be better equipped to recommend policies that really help the countries in need. What an interesting and insightful perspective!

3. Writing online can be harder, even for professors and here’s why.

4. Glad to see comedian Ali Wong profiled on the NYTimes, but the piece was a bit lacking and one-dimensional. I worry that Ali Wong may become Margret Cho.

5. Another profile that I had high hopes for but fell flat. I expected a bit more from The Cut’s article on Kate Middleton.

I’m short two articles, but given that this article’s been sitting in draft for the last two weeks, I’ve decided to publish this post so that I can start a fresh one 😉

Photo by Gábor Juhász on Unsplash

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