sharing is caring #11


This week has been busy with just hanging out with friends and their kid, which became truly exhausting for me! A little late, but here is my round-up of interesting reads.

1. Dominos delivering to non-traditional locations doesn’t seem like a big news to me, because that was the norm in Korea for both big and small food chains.

2. Interesting piece about how the blind uses Alexa, with my favorite quotes below.

Voice assistants appear to bypass that legacy, offering hands-free operation for able-bodied folk and new accessibility for those with limited mobility or dexterity. Yet they still require expertise…But for Dad, the Echo doesn’t carry information so much as it facilitates independence of connection—to me, to Ron, to the fast-moving facts and responses that smartphone and Google users have had at their fingertips for years, or decades.

3. Style Is an Algorithm.

4. Loving Postmates’ ad campaign. The ad copies are relatable, memorable, and most importantly, funny.

5. Double standard of “free-range” parenting. Similar to many things in life, race and socio-economic status are important indicator of whether it’s “free-range” or “neglect” parenting style. Sad but this is our reality.

6. What an interesting project! Exploring what it means to “have it all” for women is worth a bookmark.

7. I thought Japan was plagued with socially awkward males, but Chinese developers are right up there, with a rise in demand for “programmer motivators.”

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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