Notes from Guardian’s “Headlines making you anxious? Delay reading them”


As much as I love NYTimes’ list of key articles (morning/evening briefing) that I should pay attention to, I’ve noticed that I’m much more anxious and stressed when I read them during my commute. Instead, reading a book during my commute makes me more productive and energized.

I also have an on and off relationship with the news. At times, I’m that person who lives under a rock, missing key moments in current events. Other times, I’m the annoying news addict, keeping up with every detail of current events. 

As a result, I have a very spotty sense of current events.

The passage of time is the best filter for determining what matters. But being late is the one thing no social network, or modern news organisation, can afford.

This quote struck a chord with me. The passage of time as a filter.  Time meant a lot of things for me, but intrigued by this new perspective.

And I may try to read the news a couple of days later per Guardian’s Oliver Burkeman’s suggestions.

Photo by petradr on Unsplash

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