sharing is caring #11


This week has been busy with just hanging out with friends and their kid, which became truly exhausting for me! A little late, but here is my round-up of interesting reads.

1. Dominos delivering to non-traditional locations doesn’t seem like a big news to me, because that was the norm in Korea for both big and small food chains.

2. Interesting piece about how the blind uses Alexa, with my favorite quotes below.

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Notes from Guardian’s “Headlines making you anxious? Delay reading them”


As much as I love NYTimes’ list of key articles (morning/evening briefing) that I should pay attention to, I’ve noticed that I’m much more anxious and stressed when I read them during my commute. Instead, reading a book during my commute makes me more productive and energized.

I also have an on and off relationship with the news. At times, I’m that person who lives under a rock, missing key moments in current events. Other times, I’m the annoying news addict, keeping up with every detail of current events. Read More »

sharing is caring #10


What a busy week it has been! I’m super tired, however, I was able to put together a list of interesting articles this week.

1.Who would’ve thought that having your first baby before 25 or after 35 had such a huge impact on women’s salary?

2. Love it when advertising concept cleverly intersects with modern life and provides a new perspective and meaning to consumer, like American Express’ new branding messaging.Read More »

sharing is caring #9


It’s early April and still feels like it’s sometime in February in NYC. I can’t wait until I can put away my puffy jackets and enjoy the spring. Interesting reads this week as I long for spring.

1.Interesting to know that “Couples who do share dishwashing responsibilities seem to have better relationships” and happy to report that we’ve been happier ever since we started using our dishwasher.

2. Funny way of responding to the toilet seat battle.Read More »

did I also forget how to read? notes from “I have forgotten how to read”

debby-hudson-526939-unsplashI have forgotten how to read” by Michael Harris touches upon how our reading behavior changed as we become more intimate with our smart phones. Below are my notes from this article.

To read was to shutter myself and, in so doing, discover a larger experience. I do think old, book-oriented styles of reading opened the world to me – by closing it. And new, screen-oriented styles of reading seem to have the opposite effect: They close the world to me, by opening it.

What a brilliant way to describe the impact of reading in our lives!Read More »