why done is better than perfect

Done is better than perfect

Did you ever suffer from research overload? Or analysis paralysis? I certainly did!

Whenever I need to make a decision or do something new for my small business, I read everything that I can get my hands on to make an informed decision.

This conservative approach felt like the right thing to do, however, it wasn’t the most effective methodology.

I suffered from massive analysis paralysis. Instead of tackling the task heads on and being okay with starting small, I wasn’t able to make a decision and kept delaying action on the task that needed to be done.

Looking back, that was idiotic and flat out stupid. And this is why I came to love the quote “done is better than perfect.”

There is absolutely no way to know everything before making decisions and accepting my limitation was freeing and eye-opening.

I’ve come to believe that the key to success isn’t in research but in making educated decisions quickly to dedicate the most amount of time doing the work to slowly but surely cross off items on my to-do list.

It took me some time to come to this realization, but I’m glad that I did. What are some of your favorite quotes that motivates you to action? Or quotes that you re-discovered during your entrepreneurial journey? Feel free to share below!

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