sharing is caring #8


I struggled to put together the post for this week because my week was crazy busy. However, I was able to pull together some interesting links that I thought was worthwhile.

1. I’m still new to the world of GIFs, but mind blown that brands are using them to connect with customers

2. Foley artists! Feel somewhat duped, especially of movies, but still pretty neat.

3. When email marketing becomes annoying, especially subject lines.

4. In Japan, older women are committing petty crimes to find a community. Hope this doesn’t become the new reality in South Korea.

5. Interesting to see yet another David and Goliath type of battle in the beauty world. This time, it’s between a big beauty conglomerate and a popular nail artist.

6. Black Mirror called it — social engineering is the future and China is the first country to implement it. Is it just a matter of time before we lose all sense of freedom to AI machines dictating our lives?

And not sure how I feel about Grindr sharing HIV data with other data partners…the world is surely becoming scarier place.

7. Interesting and candid piece about class anxiety and what it means to have more opportunities than your parents.

Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

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