sharing is caring #7


What a dramatic week! The Cambridge Analytica scandal was one of the key issues that I followed this week. The fact that someone figured out how to use Facebook likes and mind-numbing quizzes to manipulate the US election is mind boggling and disturbing, to say the least. Below are some interesting reads that I found this week.

1. After New York Times broke the news of Cambridge Analytica, there was an interesting op-ed from Cow Clicker founder, who shared that it was incredibly easy to harvest information from Facebook, not so long ago.

2. Meanwhile, Facebook failed to engage in any type of crisis management, until pressure made Mark to say something, which according to experts is meaningless. 

3. Excited about the Atlantic’s Family Section and really contemplating about subscribing to the print edition, inspired by this NYTimes author who read print news for two months.

4. Not sure how I feel about some ad agencies creating a fake website in response to March for Our Lives movement. I prefer something more benign like this coloring book in support for the cause.

5. Did you know that Netflix created their own font? It’s called Netflix Sans and the company believes that it’ll save them tons of money on font licensing — didn’t even know that was a thing!

6. Have you thought about the impact of “optimizing app” in our environment? Let’s start with side-streets and how they are impacted by Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps.

7. Love that cassette tapes, along with other analog memorabilia, are making a comeback. Perhaps having everything digitally isn’t the best way to preserve our memories.

Photo by Reynier Carl on Unsplash

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