top 5 inspirational female creative entrepreneurs to follow right now


I stumble upon a lot of talented and amazing creative entrepreneurs and wanted to share. These creative geniuses shared their creativity online, garnered a huge following and eventually monetized their passions in unique ways.

Megan became a creative director, Laura and her daughter, Joey got a book deal, Megan Hess sells her prints online, and Joy wrote books, collaborated with major brands and operates her own e-commerce store.

If you are looking for girlboss inspiration, check out them below!

Mae Mae Co – Meagan’s flatlays and images are always on-point. I love how she mixes various elements (old and new, colorful and monochromatic, etc) to create relaxing yet chic vibe that’s having a moment right now.

And her story of how she became a creative director after building her own stationary brand is definitely worth a read if you are looking for career inspiration.

All That is She – I love Dominique’s honest and direct tone in her writing. She doesn’t try hard to appear “polished” or “professional,” instead she’s an open-book and is willing to share her story without sugar-coating the messy details that is life. And you know what, her honest approach makes me love her even more!

Did I mention that she has an awesome IG feed? Make sure to take a gander here. Her creative takes makes you realize that there is no limit when it comes to creativity.

Lauraiz – It’s amazing how Laura was able to make her daughter, Joey, one of the most famous baby on the internet with her creativity. Her story of how she dressed up her daughter while she was sleeping is so touching and real that you love her even more.

I used to just follow her on IG and recently discovered her blog as I’m writing this post and that’s filled with useful nuggets of information!

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Happy FRIDAY Everyone! Xxx

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Megan Hess – I love Meagan’s signature fashion drawings and it’s been great to follow her career on the sidelines. Her whimsical yet sophisticated print was and still on my shopping list.

If you are looking for chic and fun drawings to lift your spirits, make sure to follow her IG.

Oh Joy – Joy’s bright, colorful and fun products are an instant pick-me-up when you are having a gloomy day. I didn’t know of her when she started out, but I have been following her collaborations with various national brands (think Target) and am happy to see her brand expand and grow.

If you are looking for affordable yet unique accessories, make sure to check out her shop, which now includes works from other designers.

These were some of my favorite creative entrepreneurs that built their own path that I admire. Who are your favorites and why do you like them? Please share in the comments below!

Photo by Sabina Ciesielska on Unsplash

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