top 5 lifestyle blogs that deserve your bookmarks


Over the years, I found that reading lifestyle blog enjoyable and somewhat necessary. The blogs that I read do a great job of informing me in a delightful way while also nudging me in a friendly way, somewhat like an older sister that I’ve never had.

Below are some my favorite lifestyle blogs that I deserved to be bookmarked or memorized!

A Cup of Jo – Joanna’s blog is on everybody’s list for a reason. I love her gentle yet informative writing, love the clean layout and the comment section is a gem! The only complaint is that I wish that Joanna and her team update the blog more frequently. 

The Every Girl – If you love bit-sized yet actionable information in a friendly tone, then this blog will become your go-to. I particularly love the Career & Finance and Wellness categories because, I can never have enough sound advice to better myself.

Say Yes – The well-researched and whimsical weekend roundup make your visit worth it every single time. My only complaint is that Liz and her team makes me want to go shopping every single Friday.

Man Repeller – An edgier publication that talks about everything from beauty, fashion to horoscope. While it’s not as updated frequently as Byrdie, Bustle or Popsugar, this new kid on the block’s fresh perspective is always worth a visit.

Design Love Fest – If you love decorating and fashion tips or just inspiration for whatever project that you are working on, this blog is a must on your list! And they have the best original wall-papers for all of your digital devices.

What are some of your favorite blogs that you check out frequently?  Please share in the comments below!

Photo by Keila Hötzel on Unsplash

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