thoughts on “optics” and scandal

Binge-watching ABC’s hit-show Scandal made me critically think about the “optics” of a situation.

Olivia Pope was more concerned about taking care of “optics” than solving the problem when dealing with her clients.  And her thinking rubbed off on me, an odd side-effect of being too engrossed in the show.

Before watching the last season, I wanted to collect my thoughts on Pope’s obsession with “optics” when solving her client’s problems and answer these two questions.

How can I spot “optics” as I interpret key political and business events?  And how should think about “optics” as I continue to climb up the corporate ladder?Read More »

new years resolutions


It’s been a while since I wrote new year’s resolutions, mostly because it feels shitty to realize that I haven’t kept any of my lofty goals at the end of the year.

But this year, I’m inspired by Samantha Irby’sNew Year, Same Trash: Resolutions That I Absolutely Did Not Keep,” where she chronicles all of her wishes and how she failed at them in her signature raw and funny self-deprecating style.

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery and in hopes of becoming a funny and entertaining writer like Samantha Irby, I’m listing my string of wishes below loosely based on her table of contents*.Read More »