newsletter experiment to be better informed and productive this year


After writing a post on top 5 self-improvement blogs, I wanted to write a post about interesting newsletters. As I started writing the post, I realized that I only read three out of the dozens of newsletters that I’m subscribed to and the list needed an update.

I started googling for newsletters and stumbled upon various lists of newsletters and decided to conduct an experiment. I’m going to subscribe to ten newsletters and going to keep track of my behavior, such as when I receive it, if I open it, if I read it and was it useful to decide which newsletters on top 5 newsletters to subscribe to.

Below are newsletters that I subscribed to on 1/20 and I’ll report back on which ones I actually found to be useful and beneficial for me.

Newly Subscribed Newsletters

  1. Brain Food – seems to focus on productivity and looking forward to timeless advice to improve my life
  2. The Fetch –  I didn’t like that I had to sign up for the site in order to subscribe to this newsletter and after completing the process, I’m having second thoughts
  3. Today in Tabs – love the advice “close those tabs” once you subscribe.
  4. Ann Friedman Weekly – I like her professional looking site and look forward to it
  5. Think Clearly – look forward to this hand-written newsletter
  6. Links I Woud Gchat You If We Were Friends – had to subscribe after reading her newsletter name

Newsletters that I’m already subscribed to and enjoy

  1. Jocelyn K. Glei’s Newsletter
  2. Girls Night In Newsletter
  3. Design Luck
  4. L2 Inc


Random notes about elements that influenced me to subscribe to the newsletter

  • Tinyletter is the new Mailchimp in this space
  • Profile of the author and/or curator of the newsletter helps to determine if I’ll like the content or not
  • A link to newsletter archives helps me to decide if that’s the type of content that I’m looking for
  • The number of subscribers further convinces me
  • Well-designed site makes me feel good about subscribing
  • I try to steer away from daily and go for the weekly newsletters, because I know that I don’t have time to open and read daily emails for this experiment

I’m excited to share the results of the newsletter experiment and will report back end of February.

Photo by Chris Kristiansen on Unsplash

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