sharing is caring #2

This week completely flew by and it was a struggle to maintain my optimism for 2018, but I’ve made it to Friday!

Below are a couple of interesting reads and shows that made this week a bit more enlightening and hopeful.

Interesting Reads 
A fascinating read abut where e-commerce is headed and what we should expect when you encounter a new brand online.

A story about the rise of the New Yorker tote bag and reminder to myself that I need to order my subscription, not for the tote bag but for the well-written articles of course.

5 Most Lovable Things about you based on your Zodiac Signs.

Useful Lists
If you are in the mood shopping, a great list of new flagship stores to visit in NYC.

As a former Diet-Coke Addict, I’m excited about the new flavors and love the gif below.


Letterman’s new show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” just the way to end a somewhat tiring and depressing week. And it made me mad to not have appreciated Obama as much as I should’ve during his presidency.

Lust List

Looking to add plants in your space? Check out the sill.

And this brass frame for your insta-worthy pictures.

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