sharing is caring #1

sharing is caring

How was your first week of 2018? Delightful? Stressful? The same old?

Mine was filled with mixed feelings.  Work was busy and stressful as usual and the “bomb cyclone” didn’t make it any easier to kick off the new year, but I’m trying to be positive to make 2018 my year.

Below are some interesting reads that I enjoyed this week. 

2017 Recaps

Vox’s 2017 recap in 7 minutes.

A year of Google searches.

Adweek’s list of Best Podcast Episodes That Raised the Bar, because I love podcast recommendations.

NYPL’s Top Checkouts. Embarrassed to report that I only started reading three out of the ten books listed.

Kicking Off 2018 Right

The Every Girl’s list of 7 things to do in January to optimize the year.

Inc’s 7 networking lessons to up your game.

Geeking out 

Analysis of 10 Things Everyone Hates About You based on Hater’s data.

Scary prediction of future of e-commere.


And for your weekend laugh, check out former K-pop girl group, Amber’s hilarious response to hate comments.  She’s the boss.

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